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computer viruses

Not only humans can suffer from a virus, a computer can get infected. These critters are really malicious programs that can make you quite difficult to work with the computer and even just all can destroy your data. 
If you consider that there are already circulating tens of thousands of viruses and variants, it is not inconceivable that you too it is faced. 
With the tremendous growth of the Internet and the popularity of e-mail, the number of viruses greatly increased and they are becoming more easily spread.

It is our intention to inform as well as possible with this text Seniorennet about viruses so you can protect yourself against it. Moreover, we also explain when evil would be done already, how the virus can be removed as soon as possible. We also give you can note which program best used to protect against viruses, because it constantly look over your entire PC on these uninvited visitors.

The computer virus
The tricky creature is actually a small program that was created by someone in the world. If a computer is infected, then that little program proliferate on the compromised computer. Depending on what the programmer (the person who created the virus) screwed up, the virus is going to send via email, nestle in different places on your hard drive, overflowing to other computers over the network ... 
But there remains it usually does not at; many viruses also get something mispeuteren to your computer.They put your hard disk is full, making your computer unstable, modify files, destroy files or ... some make even empty your entire hard drive ( "formatted"). And that's obviously not what a functioning computer needs! 
Give Viruses immediately you see sometimes because you false or not to work all kinds of things, but there are viruses that sometimes months on your computer are active, without leaving marks something, and then strike at any given time. Moreover, you do not always know if the culprit turns out to be a virus, it may well be a normal common problem of your computer, for example, by a virus but not caused by an incorrect setting or a program that does something wrong.

Virus writers are mostly young people, but here a suit exceptions are equally good also. The virus writers have a lot of possible reasons. Some write a virus to test their knowledge, others in revenge for a fight, resigned ... The virus writers who do it to test their knowledge, do so because a virus writing is not easy. It will always be smarter than the current anti-virus software, and also wants to invent new stuff to do anything remotely with the computer of the victim. Furthermore, the program code of such a virus is very complicated and it is thought that if one makes a virus, it is a good programmer ...

Always harmful
Do not be fooled into thinking that a particular virus is not harmful. A virus is always harmful, but a bit more than the other. Viruses that are not designed to cause damage, can sometimes still cause problems because the programmer some things not provided or there is an error in the code of the virus. If all of this does not cause a problem on your computer, the virus nevertheless takes place on your hard disk, place you can always use better your programs and data. In addition, all e-mail and Internet viruses are harmful in any other way. If certain viruses are spread on a massive scale, eventually they overload the providers (such as Telenet, Skynet, Planet Internet ...). As a result, all that is slower, or that these computers succumb to the many e-mails, which of course is a terrible problem. Moreover take it every time with downloading a virus always extra time in a file, you need to download anything in batter, which then takes back more money. 
Finally even add that removing a virus always time costs and a very delicate thing because you can damage data and programs with this.

he virus
Prevent so!

You must not now sit trembling from the fear that you may get a virus on your computer, but it must be said that the opportunity is still very large if you are not careful. Hence, thus preventing the message! You do not have to panic if your computer is already infected, you should make sure that he simply can not get infected; because, as already said, removing viruses from files is a very delicate matter. 
In order to avoid several things possible. First you must always observe some basic rules, on the other hand it is best to install a virus scanner that will protect you from unwanted visitors.

There are several good scanners that search for viruses. If they encounter one in your computer, they will remove it by all means, stop, warning, let them begin to flash and make sure that this virus can not cause damage. Moreover, different scanners protect you not only against known viruses, but also for brand new viruses that are still unknown; so the chance that a virus slips inside is very small. That sounds nice, does not it? 
Such a scanner, a virus, is unfortunately in most cases paying ... We have selected the best virus ... and ... also free virus scanners searched for you, so you not even have to pay for some much-needed scanner.

The most robust virus scanners, which have already proved their worth, his "Dr. Solomon's" and "Mc Afee" and "Norton Anti-Virus" and "F-PROT". (more info at the bottom of this article). These scanners are developed in laboratories and continuously adapted to detect the latest viruses. 
Some companies even have a permanent laboratory, 24 / 24h is manned to dissect the virus. 
Now do not think that they work with microscopes in such laboratory and wearing special clothing, gloves and respirators. It's just offices with computers that computer specialists are working to update the virus scanner.

Unfortunately you have to keep in mind that if you have a virus, it is out of date by definition. The scanner is always lagging behind the latest viruses, because it can detect before a virus, the virus should be detected in the laboratory of the software and should decompose to see how the virus works and how it is to fight. Only when we discovered all this, one has a virus definition. These can then be downloaded by you and only when this is done, your virus scanner detects the virus if it tries to get in. 
Many scanners now download the "virus definitions" automatically, but still there are different scanners that you have to do it manually. If such a virus definition therefore is not downloaded, does not protect your computer from certain virus scanner because you simply do not know the virus. Not downloading the virus definitions is infact almost as bad as no virus ...

Some basic rules
If you do not have antivirus software, you should take the following certainly account if you do indeed have one, you still fits better on; Indeed, it is always possible that your virus not detected a new virus or something goes wrong with stopping the virus. 
To prevent your computer become infected, you need to prevent the virus opens on your PC. Therefore take not just programs of (un) known and install it blindly. If you have a virus scanner, scan the files first before installing it or open, for example, a floppy disk. It is always best to use the original CD / DVD / floppy disk, and no (illegal) copy. 
You must also be careful when downloading from the Internet. Please download only from the official website software programs. 
Finally, be careful via email. Email is the last time your path of choice via which most viruses, and most infections also occur through this medium. Never open attachments (these are like 'attachment' to an e-mail (a piece of software or other file as a picture, document, ...)) from an unknown sender. If someone you know sends an attachment, please leave anyway mail what should be in the Annex.

There are many types of viruses, which we however not go into here, because it is not so interesting to know how all these names sound technical and what is the proper technical functioning of these viruses.

, we continue to dwell on this strange phenomenon. Indeed, there are viruses in circulation that no viruses ... Yes, now we start hard to do. But it's really simple: there are emails containing fake messages about viruses.This is called a 'hoax', or literally translates a joke. You've already had probably himself. An e-mail in which it is said that if you eat a particular e-mail, your hard drive is much or doing anything else bad. And frequently it is also mentioned that it is not scanned by the virus; sometimes that some official or important sounding company has confirmed this. This is complete nonsense and absolutely not true. Moreover, it also asks to forward the email to everyone you know, it causes a snowball effect and can also cause enormous inconvenience and unnecessary Internet traffic, which should be avoided, of course. 
Some people amuse themselves by writing and forwarding of such an e-mail to everyone they know. The problem is that people are very gullible and therefore turn this warning begin by mail to send to everyone they know. 
Therefore, the message is: NEVER send such a message. The best is the sender to let you know that it is a nepvirus, and that he should not send such messages, or you give the address of this explanation, so that the sender knows everything correctly and in the future (hopefully ) no longer works.

Arm yourself!
Staying alert is always the message, and a little caution never hurts. Below are the addresses of virus scanners that you can use:

If you have Windows (Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7), you can choose a virus on the Tucows website .

If you are the above address will be difficult to choose one out, we enumerate here some good scanners and we refer to the company's website, where you can download / buy the virus.

HELP!! I'm infected with a virus !! What should I do!? Help!
To start, no panic; but we remain honest: the virus must as soon as possible. To get it from your computer virus, and this as easy as possible, you will need a virus scanner. To be fast, we may use a free virus scanner, for example. AVG AntiVirus or another from the list above. Download the program and install it. When it is installed on your computer, you will need to scan your entire computer for viruses. Let this start, below you have some time. Because with the huge hard drives today can take it quickly became a half hour to several hours for your entire computer has been scanned for viruses. 
If your computer is completely scanned, you'll virus will most likely tell you that you have a virus . Order him to remove the virus.

If all this is done, you can travel with confidence because your computer is virus free again; moreover you now have a virus scanner installed on your computer so you are very well protected in the future against viruses. Remember, of course, do not regularly the new virus definitions, "we explained earlier in this article can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website. It is even possible, such as by McAfee and AVG AntiVirus , these programs automatically download new virus definitions, so you do even more with no work.

Finally, there is to say that it become infected with a virus can always, but chances are almost non-existent if your virus scanner always has the latest virus definitions, and you'll observe the virus basic rules. 
To protect others against viruses, can your best also show this text to them; you can send the address at the bottom of the page click on "email this page" and send it to friends / family / acquaintances.

Hopefully we can adequately inform this text about viruses and you will never to deal with these annoying guests on your computer.

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